Westmead’s heartfelt care crosses the seas

Westmead’s heartfelt care crosses the seas

Westmead Hospital’s cardiology team has improved outcomes for patients all the way in India by visiting the U.N. Mehta Cardiac Institute and Research Centre in Ahmedabad.

The program, known as Heart Care India, was established by cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Himanshu Desai, and enables the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.

A Westmead Hospital team of seven doctors, nurses and perfusionists spent a week in the research centre, which is a hospital, to educate staff on skills and new techniques in cardiology.

“Everyone was really eager to collaborate, accept and adapt changes to improve surgical outcomes for their patients,” said Maria Soriano, clinical nurse specialist in cardiac surgery.

“We’ve set up education sessions and correspondence through Skype to ensure ongoing support for the staff in U.N. Mehta.

“The opportunity to reach out and help to advance another hospital’s health care is a satisfaction like no other.”

The program is in its fifth year and this was the third visit to the centre.

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