Tim Watts MP : A Leader who embraces multiculturalism

Tim Watts MP : A Leader who embraces multiculturalism

Tim Watts MP, the Federal Member for Gellibrand needs no introduction. The division of Gellibrand is located in Melbourne’s inner west and is one of Victoria’s fastest growing and culturally diverse places. It spans from Williamstown on Port Phillip Bay to the Maribyrnong River in the east to Altona Meadows in the west.

Tim Watts MP has always been a vocal and active supporter of the Indian community. He has attended many of our cultural events and participated in customary ceremonies. His dedication to our ever-growing community is particularly showcased by Tim’s attendance at this year’s Holi Festival, one of the most important events in the year. This year’s Holi celebrations were the most vibrant they’ve ever been and Tim spent the day in West Footscray. Tim always takes the time to appreciate all the hard work, time and effort that our community puts into making our community a more diverse place. Tim also spoke about his experiences at the Holi celebration in federal parliament earlier this year. He spoke about the thriving community of Australians who have come from the subcontinent and have called Melbourne’s west their home. Tim proudly stated that he is “very pleased that we now have local festivals that celebrate their place in our diverse community.”

One of the things that Tim is best for is his uncompromising commitment to celebrating the different cultures and religions that have built a new home in Australia. His visit to Rockbank Temple in March this year during Yagna signified his support of all the humanitarian work that the compassionate Swami Chinna does all over the world. Tim has stood up against for the rights of the diverse people he represents. Whether it be opposing the proposed changes to citizenship or supporting long-stay parent visas, Tim is always ready to take up the challenges that we face and stand up for multiculturalism, inclusiveness and equality.

In one of his speeches, Tim stated, “Melbourne’s west is the fastest growing region in Australia and a lot of that growth comes from the emerging Indian-Australian community. But Australian multiculturalism only works because we work at it. On the government side, this means working to ensure that newly arrived Australians are given the support they need to become fully equal, economic and political citizens in our nation”.

We need more leaders like him. Leaders who not only embrace multiculturalism, but who also actively fight for it.

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