Taliban’s fight is for Islamic law

Taliban’s fight is for Islamic law

militants  killed in KenyaThe Taliban are fighting for the implementation of the Islamic law, namely Sharia, which has been violated by Pakistan’s political leadership, a member of the committee nominated by the Taliban for talks with the government said Wednesday, Geo News reported.

A decision over the meeting with the government committee will be made after consultations with other members Wednesday, Geo News quoted Maulana Samiul Haq as saying after addressing a Kashmir solidarity rally.

He regretted that the Pakistan government’s committee had not taken any fresh steps towards holding a peace dialogue which, he said, was imperative to reaching the Taliban leadership.

He also said that it was the popular demand in Pakistan for Sharia to be implemented and the real issues before the country were to disassociate itself from the US so-called “War against Terror” and deliverance from slavery to US imperialism.

During the rally, Haq said he had hoped that Nawaz Sharif would renounce the US-led war in Afghanistan when he became the prime minister but he failed to live up to this expectation.

Haq, who heads the hardline Darul Uloom Haqqania seminary and is often referred to as “Father of the Taliban”, was given the task of initiating peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban in December by Prime Minister Sharif.

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