Stronger Laws to Ban Psychoactive Substances

Stronger Laws to Ban Psychoactive Substances
  • New legislation to clamp down on sale and supply of synthetic drugs
  • Penalties of $48,000 or four years’ jail for the manufacture, sale or supply of psychoactive substances
  • $28,000 fine or two years’ jail for promotion of synthetic drugs

State Parliament today passed legislation to close a legal loophole and clamp down on the manufacture, promotion, sale and supply of psychoactive substances. Hon Helen Morton MLC

Mental Health Minister Morton said the passage of the Misuse of Drugs Amendment (Psychoactive Substances) Bill 2015 had put Western Australia at the forefront in tackling psychoactive substance abuse both nationally and internationally.

“People manufacturing these drugs have continued to introduce new chemical derivatives of substances which have been banned, resulting in governments around the world having to ‘catch up’ using existing legislation,” Mrs Morton said.

“These drugs can cause serious health problems, including tremors, chest pains, increased heart rate and blood pressure, seizures and an altered mental state.

“We’ve been proactive by banning a number of these specific substances already, however this legislation further strengthens our response and helps remove extremely dangerous substances from circulation.

“In addition, the State Government will provide education for local retailers and suppliers about the dangers associated with psychoactive substances and the new laws.”

Police Minister Liza Harvey said legislation would give WA Police the authority to act against people selling any substance which was promoted as being psychoactive.

“The Bill provides WA Police with the power to seize and destroy a substance that has, or is said to have, a psychoactive effect,” Mrs Harvey said.

“These substances are extremely frightening for any parent worried their children might have access to them and the State Government has moved to eradicate them from shop shelves.

“This Bill will control these potentially harmful substances that have no legitimate use and help remove them from circulation in WA.”

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