Shot in the dark: This actor has reunited with an old flame

Shot in the dark: This actor has reunited with an old flame

32He was recently linked to a senior actor’s daughter, but looks like this actor has now resumed his love affair with an old friend. It turns out that this friend, who has worked as an executive producer on several films, was once a go-between for him and his former flame, another actress.

This rekindling of their relationship became evident last week when the actor turned up for a film screening at a suburban multiplex. He stayed on much after all other celebrity guests had left, and chose to hang around with this old friend. Onlookers couldn’t help but notice that their body language hinted at more than just friendship. It is said that they have now reignited their romance; the two earlier worked together on a film and were inseparable even when they were not needed for the same schedule.

Eyewitnesses say that the actor and this friend left the venue together after the screening, though they were careful enough to not get photographed. Does this mean that his romance with one of his co-stars is now over? Only time will tell.

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