‘Roombots’ to serve you as table, chair

‘Roombots’ to serve you as table, chair

0London, May 23 (IANS) You have seen robots doing household chores. Now meet robotic blocks that can assemble on your demand to turn into a table, chair or stool!

Billed as “roombots”, these robotic furniture can self assemble into various shapes.

“Each “roombot” is a completely independent unit – a 9-inch-long block that resembles a pair of dice joined together,” said Massimo Vespignani from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland.

It contains a battery and three small motors that allow it to move in three different dimensions.

The “roombot” also has a set of retractable claws so it can hook onto other bots to create bigger structures, or attach onto connectors in its environment, media reports said.

“The ‘roombot’ can move along a grid of tracks on the floor or wall and connect to other blocks, or the blocks can disconnect from the grid and move freely around a room,” Vespignani explained.

“Roombots” could help differentially abled or elderly people, the researchers said in a study, to be published in the journal Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

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