Reviewing Environment Protection Approaches

Reviewing Environment Protection Approaches

By Ajay Malik

It’s a new ideology for the coming future as was released last year by some renowned environmentalist cause common to all and not bounded by the boundary of the countries; some of all opined and confronted for today’s environmental actors. Now we have a new philosophy about the minimum destruction of Planet or living within sustainability. It was published by some environmentalists. In this review we come to know some hard but real aspects in very easy way to understand this manifesto.

“An Eco modernist Manifesto” has changed the philosophy of almost all the environmentalists or of those who are keen to protect the environment at the utmost because it embarrassed the entire environmentalist not only in Australia and New Zealand but whole world. According to the writers of the manifesto; one of the source of destruction is that human technology is bad and we are not shy about embarrassing technology says Professor Brook from the University of Tasmania (Sources). We have long been told by the environmental movements workers that we need to connect with nature for the cause of environmental sustainability. It is a fact that we can’t even understand that how unique and fragile our planet is…. Like if we cannot pursue the work in anyway then we survive without the necessitates of resources. And the biggest impact on nature land today is where people are trying to use the land in order to survive themselves not in general greed of anything. And yes the environmentalists are all against of the nuclear energy as this source is always dangerous because we see many examples and most recent is the example of Japan, so there is lot of exception of such kind as well. Application of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as their applications to food which made it in a modified manner. Prof. Brook agreed that we need to embrace such ideas to feed a growing populations and that intensive way of agriculture leaves land aside for the nature to flourish. So the Eco modernists don’t subscribe this outdated worlds’ viewpoint, we always find clever ways of getting more of them, so we need to recognize that we are not going to stop exploiting these so called natural resources.

In today’s world we simply follow the environmental conservation as to improve in a very lower level priority. Education plays an important role as if the population becomes more educated they have smaller family sizes and I think Australia is doing well such efforts on priority as there are many environmental educational centers established up to or may be more than 5 as well in each city or regional level which are working with the state government educational departments where all the kids starting from 5 years of age to senior and secondary level have been taught all and all about the environmental conservation and importance of environment with the practical things with feeling about how our environment is important to us and so are the creatures . And its agreed efforts right from the starting levels of kids to the maturity level. As I am not sure that other countries are also doing the same thing except some councils of Canada, some in India as I’ve seen them about the same philosophy like Australia but even Australia is doing better on this.

In the end I would like to introduce you all about An Eco modernist manifesto.

In third week of April 2015, 10 Years after “the death of environmentalism” a new concept called eco-modernization evolved where 18 environmental scientists, activists, scholars co-authored “An Eco modernist Manifesto” a 25 pages essay which offers an affirmative and optimistic vision for the future in which human prosperity and nature protection are achieved simultaneously.


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