Revamp and renovate your abode using LED lights

Revamp and renovate your abode using LED lights

8LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Lights are fast becoming the preferred lighting choice of many in the planning and design of modern homes – all with good reason. It is a well-known fact that LED lights significantly reduce electricity consumption and cost by approximately 30%. LED lights have a lifespan of over 30,000 to 50,000 hour LED Lights can change the mood and bring back life to you home and you’re surrounding after a long day.

LED lights technology is very innovative and changing at a very fast pace and Architects and Interior designers are moving towards LED Lights because of the versatility it offers in creating the right ambiance and atmosphere all while using the latest technology in the world of luminaires.

Our focus in this article is the heart of every home – our kitchen. A good design will maximise the use of natural lighting, complemented by artificial lighting. An experienced lighting consultant will combine LED Lights varieties such as spotlights, track lights, flexible LED strips (either white or in red/green/blue) to create the ambiance and functionality you want.

The LED lights should blend in the colour and décor of your house.
These days most of the kitchen are OPEN plan, either there will an Island kitchen or a feature. Also let the consultant know what you want, if you have go any ideas (images from google etc.etc.), next step the consultant will look at the plan of the area, the colour that is used (e.g. Cupboards, benchtop, wall and ceiling) the last important thing we look if there is natural source of light in the Kitchen.
A good designer will always keep Natural light.

Based on all that a consultant will design the LED lights, either it could be LED spot lights, Track lights with a blend of Flexible strip (Cool white or RGB Light) which adds that touch to the kitchen and blends softly.

Here are few pics which we have done, in different new suburbs in Sydney.

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