Remarks with Philip Ruddock on the announcement of his retirement from Parliament

Remarks with Philip Ruddock on the announcement of his retirement from Parliament


Well, Philip, your service to the Parliament and the nation is so remarkable. Multicultural Australia, the Australia in which we live today, the most successful multicultural society in the world has in large part been shaped by you and by many others, but there is no-one, no-one in the Parliament today that has done more to make us the successful multicultural nation that we are than you and we thank you so much for that and it’s great that you’re going to be continuing to provide service as a Special Envoy on Human Rights, one of your great passions.

Because all your life you’ve been an advocate for the mutual respect that underpins our success and underpins the success of any society that seeks to engage a diverse community.


Well Prime Minister thank you very much and thank you for your observations. For me, immigration is about nation building. Putting in place the building blocks for Australia’s future. With it comes integrity and that often creates a whole lot of other dynamics which we have to deal with but one couldn’t ask for greater opportunities than to have been responsible for, putting in place Australia’s programs which are so unique and special and as Attorney-General, for protecting one of the most fundamental human rights, the right to life and for me I am grateful that the government sees that there is a role that I can continue. I made it clear some time ago that I believe you should only be in the Parliament if you can make a difference and for me to be able to make a difference on these issues for the nation is of importance and I thank you and our colleagues for the opportunity.

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