Queen Elizabeth II honours Jayaraman for his service to the Indian community

Queen Elizabeth II honours Jayaraman for his service to the Indian community

By Yatinder Gupta

GURUSWAMY Jayaraman, you may know him as Jay Raman, is an ever smiling and willing volunteer. He has an impressive list of extra-curricular activities which have landed him one of the highest honours bestowed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the Indian community in Western Sydney.

The order of Australia is the principal and most prestigious means of recognising outstanding members of the community at National Level.

Jay Raman hardly has time for himself. The 69-year-old from Glenwood spends most of his free time helping others, from refugees to new immigrants, and is also heavily involved with Hindu Council of Australia and other community groups. This is in addition to his job as Woollahra Council’s senior account officer. “I was thrilled when I found out I am receiving the OAM, but do I deserve it?” Mr Jayaraman asked.

“I have been involved with the community since we arrived from New Delhi in 1986 and there are still a lot of things to do. My Guru Sri Om Adi Sakthiyendra Swamigal inspired me to give more and more to the community as well as me and my extended family,” he said.

Mr Jayaraman has been busy with community work for nearly 25 years, serving as chair of the Auburn Diversity Services, treasurer of Hindu Council of Australia, founder of the Sri Om Adi Sakhi Ashram and Sri Om Care, a not-for-profit health support system for the elderly, and president of volunteering organisation Sewa International Australia.

“I am thankful to my family and extended family for their support because my weekends are devoted to the community,” he added.

You are all aware about the services of Sri Om Care – Sri Om Foundation – taking care of the elderly in the community by way of several day centre activities and Home and disability Care.

Sri Om Care is a not for profit, charity organisation with Tax Deductibility Status – DGR.  All donations above $ 2 are tax deductible.


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