Presenting The Dancing Idol : Prabhu Deva

The veteran talks about his dancing inspiration, his passion, his preparation for Da-Bang The Tour and more:

Having given the biggest blockbuster dancing numbers of all time, he’s touted as the sensational ‘God of Dance’, with evergreen superhit songs, commercially hit directorial ventures and also acting talent Prabhu Deva is a man with many a hats… The dancing God in an exclusive interview with Rajesh Sharma, Indus Age…

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

You have been bracketed today as one of the dancing legends, an integral part of the Indian film industry and you have been associated with the industry for more than three decades now.  How do you see your journey when you look back?

I have been a part of this industry for the past 30 years and I have enjoyed a lot.

You’ve seen the film industry transform, having witnessed it for more than 30 years, what all changes do you see?

We’ve seen ups and downs, have become strong, we have made money (smiles..). Nowadays new talents are coming up. There are thousands of channels and the industry has changed manifold.

You keep going without halting even for a second, working harder and harder day in and day out, be it choreographing, acting, directing or producing. What keeps Prabhu Deva you going?

In the beginning of my career it was passion, then it was money that drove me but now again its passion.

As an artist how do you look at success and failure?

In any field we are in, we have to take both in our stride..The show must go on..

Prabhu Deva, the dancing idol of India, who is your dancing inspiration?

My dancing idols are my Bharatnatyam teachers Laxminarayan Master and Dharamraj Master. I learnt moonwalk from Michael Jackson from TV (smiles..).

You are coming to Australia in Dabangg-The Tour is there any special preparation  you’ve made for the event?

Dance practice goes on. Will pray nobody forgets the dance steps (laughs..) and will entertain the audience.

Your fans are excited to see you here in Australia, what message would you like to give to them?

Don’t worry, be happy!

Da-Bang The Tour in Sydney is organised by ‘Cinestar Events Australia’, in association with ‘The Chocolate Room Australia’. It is organised by Sizzlin Productions and RK Developments in Melbourne.

Watch out for the biggest concert in the history of Australia: Da-Bang The Tour on : 22nd April Sydney and 23rd April Melbourne.

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