Poineers of Dosa Culture in Australia

Poineers of Dosa Culture in Australia

3 4By- Neha Kolape

Dosa Hut caters to the needs of many residents as well as Tourists and currently has

successfully expanded to 3 major outlets in major prime locations: Footscray, Tarneit and

Roxburgh Park. Great quality of the Food served at a very reasonable price with excellent

hospitality in addition to their major prime locations led to the success of this Business Venture.

Opened in partnership by Mr Praveen and Mr Anil in 2005, Dosa Hut is now the most

frequently visited restaurant by many residents and Tourists. Both Praveen and Anil come from

different backgrounds in India, came to Australia to pursue their Masters and upon completion

settled down here. Along with their Successful professional careers, both had a passion to start

a Business Venture inclined towards Authentic Indian(and Indo-Chinese) food mainly targeting

towards South Indian food in Melbourne as there were not many places having authentic South-

Indian cuisine’s presence at that time. Today it is one of the most famous and must-visit food

restaurant place in Melbourne for locals and tourists at all the 3 major prime locations.

A highly successful Business venture ‘Dosa Hut’ by two very well known, sought after

Successful Business Entrepreneurs Mr. Praveen Indukuri and Mr. Anil Kumar Karpurapu

living in Melbourne, Australia in conversation with Indus Age on their 10 years of business

journey, their future plans and a lot more. Excerpts:

What thought process went initially to pursue a career in the restaurant business?

We both always had an Entrepreneurial mindset early on along with our professional careers

which led us to pursue a successful career in restaurant business in Melbourne, Australia.

Tell us your background, how did you both meet and your friendship and to start this

restaurant business?

We both landed in Australia in August 2002 to pursue higher studies (Master’s in

Telecommunications) in Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne. We both were

classmates here and became very good friends during our journey at university and shared

common interest towards starting a Business of our own which we wanted it to be unique,

exclusive and well received by residents in Australia.

At this point of time we both decided to explore in to hospitality industry and start our own

restaurant business. We opened our first major successful outlet under the name of ‘Salaam

Namaste’ in 2005, which successfully flourished and came to be known as Dosa Hut empire

eventually and currently spans across three major outlets here in Melbourne.

Given Dosa Hut supporting many through community service, and actively participating

locally, please tell us about what makes you do this kind of work and about any honours


Dosa Hut has in the past and in future as well continue to support many non-profit

organisations and community events to showcase our hospitality with our delicious offerings

and in turn support good causes. Dosa hut has offered their services to Major Events like

‘Ganesh Festival’ in Footscray; Sai Baba Temple events at Mordialloc. Dosa Hut also supports

many cultural events and celebrities’ to promote and support entertainment events such as Film

Actor Tanikella Bharani (Tollywood) and Famous Comedian Johnny Lever (Bollywood) who

have also specially dined at Dosa Hut recently and have received appreciations and recognition

from various organisations. We always felt the more we reach to various community members

directly in supporting them, we in-turn are building long-term relationships with communities.

Any greatest professional success?

Our greatest professional success so far was able to see our ‘Dosa Hut’ Restaurant at West

Footscray continued to successfully flourish and led to a second major Dosa Hut outlet at

Tarneit location which also became another major success in turn led to the third Dosa Hut

outlet at Roxburgh Park. We as a team feel extremely proud to be part of this success journey

and plan on having much more greater achievements with continued support of our team and

most significantly by the residents of Australia.

What’s your secret to keeping customers coming in? Any successful promotions that

strengthen your business?

Our secret is our focus on our customers and their satisfaction through our quality offerings and

service. We are constantly on the cutting edge, innovate and cook some special dishes

throughout the year to cater to the tastes of our most valued customers which in turn increases

our customer’s walk-ins. We have seen our customers have increased considerably over the

years and most of the increase has been contributed by word of mouth by our very known

customers. We do limited promotion but our successful promotions are through our own

customer word-of-mouth.

What makes Dosa Hut special?

Dosa Hut offers almost 100+ types of Dosa’s, 40+ Indo-Chinese dishes and our signature

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani’s with lip-smacking and authentic food. Also provides stimulating

atmosphere with excellent quality, fresh cooked meals in providing friendly attentive service in

a relaxed environment by staff and owners.

What can you share about the various challenges as a Restaurant Owner and Manager?

Our challenge is to continue maintaining our standards and keep our customers satisfied with

unique offerings with new tasty dishes. At the same time, since we are steadily growing and

aiming to grow our team with necessary skill sets, do understand market competitions very well

and strongly believe in keeping the Customers happy and satisfied.

As a Restaurant owner and manager, how important is to have actual experience in every

aspect of the business and not merely investing?

We strongly believe in dedication and commitment to the business. It requires a lot of hard

work, taking responsibility and ownership to make a business successful. As said by many

successful people, success doesn’t always come soon and very easily, it takes years of efforts

and management strategies with a clear vision and sacrifices to be successful. Today after 10

years of our efforts, we take extreme pride in having created 3 major outlets and most

importantly a Successful brand called ‘Dosa Hut’ which is well received by the residents of


Lastly, what does your family and team say about yourself and about Dosa Hut?

We both strongly believe without family support we would not have reached to this stage of our

successful Business Career. We both feel very blessed to have had a strong support from

family, friends and trust our customers had in us which in turn led us to put our best foot

forward to deliver the Best.

To know more about Dosa Hut visit :http://www.dosahut.net.au/

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