Playing romantic character at 13 was not easy: Samskruthy

Playing romantic character at 13 was not easy: Samskruthy

25Chennai, March 20 (IANS)¬†Actress Samskruthy Shenoy, who made her cinematic debut at the age of 13 in the recently released Telugu romantic-drama “Hrudayam Ekkadaunnadi”, says it wasn’t easy to play a romantic character at her age.

“I was aware that I’m entering films at a very young age. On the first day of the shoot, I had to film a romantic number and that wasn’t easy for me because all this was very new to me,” Samskruthy told IANS.

“Initially, I hesitated and went to the extent of calling it off but I managed to do it eventually. Even my parents were not happy with the idea of me entering films at this age. When the director contacted my father, he was not interested to let me act as he felt I was too young. But then it took the director a lot of hard work to convince him,” she added.

Samskruthy says that despite initial jitters, she’s happy being an actress.

“It was may be because of my age that I felt very uncomfortable initially, but all that changed after few days of shooting. I’m extremely happy now. My dancing skills really helped and I think that’s an added advantage for any actress nowadays,” she said.

Samskruthy is currently working on a film in Tamil and Malayalam each.

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