Planning Minister Rob Stokes today welcomed new Australian Bureau of Statistics
figures showing housing approvals in the 12 months to April 2015 are at their highest in two decades.

Mr Stokes said this month’s approvals are up 32 per cent when compared to the
monthly average over the last five years, a strong vote of confidence in our economic plan. This has resulted in more than 55,500 dwellings being approved in the 12 months to April.

“A strong housing construction industry supports thousands of tradies, architects and engineers who are working with us to build new communities in tandem with our
record investment in new public transport and roads,” Mr Stokes said.

“We have worked hard to facilitate investment in new housing opportunities and we’re seeing strong results. We’re also working with communities to make sure their
neighbourhoods are even better place to live with more parks, restaurants and shops for communities to thrive.

“We are forging ahead to unlock more land for housing supply, giving more options for home buyers and placing downward pressure on housing affordability.”

The NSW Government is working to boost supply of new homes to keep up with
demand by:

 Releasing and rezoning land to build new communities in Western Sydney
supported by transport and community infrastructure;

 Unlocking more jobs closer to home in Western Sydney by expanding the Western Sydney Employment Area;

 Working with local communities and councils to find opportunities to renew suburbs with good access to public transport;

 Boosting housing choice and affordability by allowing smaller homes like
townhouses to be offered in new communities in Western Sydney; and

 Increasing the threshold for the First Homebuyers Grant to $750,000.

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