Need greater convergence of stakeholders in health: President

Need greater convergence of stakeholders in health: President

017New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) India needs greater convergence of all stakeholders towards the common goal of an improved health care delivery system, President Pranab Mukherjee said Tuesday.

“It is also important not to lose focus on the fact that a powerful driver of health is education,” the president said after receiving recommendations from the Healthcare Alliance at Rashtrapati Bhavan here.

The recommendations list steps needed to improve the health care delivery system in the country.

Mukherjee said innovative models of partnership between the public and private sectors can improve the situation in India and also provide insights for the developing world.

“As our battle against polio has shown, collective efforts can really make miracles happen,” he said.

The president said leading health care providers around the world are exploring the incredible promise of India’s traditional healing.

“This is an avenue that should be further dwelt upon and we may possibly discover new cures for the new-age medical problems,” he said.

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