40Sydney families have been encouraged to seize the opportunity to participate in theMulticultural Children’s Festival this weekend.

The Chair of the Community Relations Commission, Vic Alhadeff, today urged parents tobring the whole family on Sunday (March 30) to Belmore Park in the city, for a full day ofentertainment designed just for kids.

“Australian children are the most fortunate on the planet. Not only are they growing up in aland where there is no reason for any child to go hungry, they are the heirs to a nation where“a fair go” is ingrained in every citizen.

“What’s more, they are sharing and learning about most of the cultures of the world just bymixing and playing with other children at school, in the neighbourhood and at wonderfulgatherings like the Multicultural Children’s Festival.

“The Community Relations Commission, For a multicultural NSW is proud to sponsor thisimportant event.

“The children enjoying themselves on Sunday at Belmore Park will be amongst the leadersof their ethnic and religious communities in the future. They will bring to those roles a deepunderstanding of each other thereby gauranteeing a society based on acceptance and respect.

“I wish everyone at the Children’s Festival 2014 a very happy and joyous day out,” Mr.Alhadeff concluded.

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