‘Modi stands to negate everything enshrined in constitution’

‘Modi stands to negate everything enshrined in constitution’

30Srinagar, March 26 (IANS)¬†Formally launching his party’s poll campaign in the Valley, National Conference (NC) patron Farooq Abdullah said Wednesday Narendra Modi stands to negate everything enshrined in the constitution.

Addressing a party workers’ meeting in central Badgam town, 14 km from here, he said: “The idea of India is one of a secular and inclusive nation and Narendra Modi stands to negate everything that the founders of this nation enshrined in the constitution and history of India.

“The 2014 parliamentary election offers a significant opportunity to stop communal forces in India from attaining a position which would allow them to carry forward their agenda of dividing the people of this country on the basis of religion, caste and creed.

“There is a threat at our doors that needs to be defeated if we have to safeguard the interests of the people of this state and of this country.

“Narendra Modi who ruthlessly and arrogantly disrespected and sidelined his own seniors and mentors in the BJP, can offer no hope of inclusiveness to the people of this country. This election is unlike all elections in the past as we are face-to-face with a figure who aims to polarize the people of this country on communal lines — an evil design that needs to be thwarted without any compromise.”

Terming the opposition PDP as a creation of the BJP to divide the representation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah asked the workers to defeat the BJP and PDP nexus to ensure the state continues to resiliently grow with equity and dignity for one and all.

Chief Minister and NC working president Omar Abdullah said the state has witnessed unprecedented governance in the past five years of the NC-Congress coalition government.

Omar said: “The NC workers form the backbone of the party and the party’s history is a testimony to secularism, pro-people struggles and public service.”

He asked his colleagues and workers to take the achievements of the governance to the people and expose the hollow rhetoric of the detractors of state’s unity and our identity.

He said he is dedicated to serving Jammu and Kashmir for years and decades to come and is committed to continue the transformation of this state towards equitable development and transparent governance.

Omar termed the upcoming election as a collective decision the people have to make between communal, divisive forces and the secular ethos and identity of Jammu and Kashmir.

“PDP has tactically fielded candidates in the Jammu province from certain areas with an eye to divide local votes in particular areas of these constituencies to directly benefit the Narendra Modi-led BJP.

“There is a clear choice the people have to make in casting their votes. All votes that will be cast against the NC would invariably be votes in favour of Narendra Modi and the people of this state are wise enough to understand the importance of stopping the bandwagon of communalism and opportunism to take roots here,” he said.

The chief minister asked his senior colleagues and workers to leave no stone unturned to ensure a resounding victory for the candidates put forth by the party so they could continue to be strong, resolute voices of the people of the state in parliament.

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