Security researchers are reporting that new highly advanced malware is being used to attack Android smartphones. The malware¾known as Mazar¾is delivered through an unsolicited SMS or MMS message incorporating a web link. If a user clicks on the link, an attacker can gain full administrator-level control of the phone and perform tasks such as sending premium text messages, accessing or changing confidential data and making phone calls.

The malware also incorporates tools that inject new code into websites, steal passwords and change data before the user sees it.

Stay Smart Online advises that you be cautious about clicking links in SMS or MMS messages, emails or websites, especially if those messages come from unknown sources.

The Mazar malware is being sold online to allow cybercriminals to attack Android phones. The code may be used in conjunction with other attacks, including scams or fake app installations.

The best protection against Mazar is vigilance when clicking on links, particularly if the destination is unknown or untrustworthy. Stay Smart Online also recommends that you keep your smartphone secure and install the latest updates as soon as they are made available.

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