MasterChef AU brand working magic in India

MasterChef AU brand working magic in India
The MasterChef AU brand still working it’s magic in India!

Matt Sinclair

With season 9 ofMasterChef AU already launched in India, the excitement and interest in Matt and some of his fellow contestants is hotting up again. Matt can be seen onStar TV social answering some fan’s questions and talking about his time inMasterChef Season 8. He’ll also be visiting a number of regions later in the year when he tours withBMW designing dinner menus for their VIP guests and speaking about his food journey.


Gary Mehigan Gary has had a long love affair with India, after six trips over the past few years, he has become familiar with the food, the people and their culture. Gary became the face of Fox Life India’sFood at 9 band promotion, and is heading back shortly to shoot his first 13 part series for the network.

His recent visit with World On A Plate was a great success and had Gary hosing a series of masterclasses and Q&A’s, as well as judging the WOAP Food Awards.

Billie McKay 

Back to season 7 ofMasterChef AU and winner Billie McKay has continued her love of food and in particular chocolate. So much so that she’s been invited by the world class Chocolatiers –Fable, to celebrate a unique chocolate concept they have created called ‘Society de Chocolat’. Billie will present a number of Masterclasses to press, VIP’s and public and will be visiting Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai during her stay in November.

Anna Polyviou 

Another talent who will be making her first visit to India. Working alongsideMatt Sinclair at the BMW dinners, Anna will be presenting some of her outstanding desserts for the lucky guests to try. She will also be running a Masterclass in Mumbai and Bangalore during her stay and the limited tickets for these are selling fast.
Anna’s new TV show onChannel 9 – ‘Family Food Fight’ is set to air in October and her Ambassadorship withKenwood, her cookbook and a number of speaking engagements continues to keep her very busy.

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