Marathoner Roy releases second book

Marathoner Roy releases second book

24Ashis Roy, the first and the only Indian to run 100 marathons, released his second book ‘Wonderful Joys of Running’ here Monday.

Roy, who has run 115 marathons all over the globe – the last one being the 2013 Mumbai Marathon, said that with his book he wants to encourage his compatriots to take up running and other athletic sports.

“With this book, I want encourage my countrymen to take up running, athletics and other sports so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. Running has so many advantages like it brings down your cholesterol. Your blood pressure, heart rate and weight is always in check among many other things,” said the 81-year-old Roy, whose first book is titled ‘The Joys of Running’.

“Running gives me so much pleasure. It makes me happy. It has made me a much more calmer person and a much better human being. I am a different man today because of running,” added Roy, who started running marathons at the age of 53.

The former cardiologist added that he will not be running in marathons anymore but will concentrate on half-marathons hereon.

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