Maharaja’s Haveli Food Festivals are back with a Bang

Maharaja’s Haveli Food Festivals are back with a Bang

Food Festivals are back. Maharaja’s Haveli is all set to kick up a storm in Sydney with back to back Festivals commencing from June 2017.
Satinder Benepal the owner of Sydney’s own Maharaja’s Haveli said, “Our customers have been anxiously awaiting the return of the food festivals. Although Maharaja’s Haveli specialises in regional food from all over India on a daily basis, the food festivals give us an opportunity to celebrate the wider range of exotic dishes and flavours. The Biryani Festival has been one of our success stories over the last 5 years of operation.”

Maharaja’s Haveli is presently undergoing changes in the Khaana Khazana and the popular Vedah sections. This open area is home to Live music and a fully equipped bar amongst life size statues depicting everyday village life. The food festivals take place in this great atmosphere where Haveli’s own chefs further showcase their skills and expertise.

Kicking off is the Biryani Food Festival in June 2017, offering a delectable variety of world famous Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Mughlai, Sindhi and many more vegetarian and non vegetarian Biryani’s. With a huge variety of Biryani’s to choose from you are sure to find the authentic flavour of your choice. Sydney siders are in for a treat.

The Biryani Festival will be held over the weekend of Saturday 24th June to Sunday 25th June from 12 noon to 10pm at Maharaja’s Haveli 14 Douglas Road, Quakers Hill NSW 2763.

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