Libyan defence minister sworn in as caretaker PM

Libyan defence minister sworn in as caretaker PM

6Benghazi (Libya), March 12 (IANS) Libya’s former defence minister Abdullah al-Thani was sworn in as prime minister of the caretaker government Tuesday evening, receiving acting presidential duties, local media said.

Earlier Tuesday the Libyan Parliament named the defence minister as interim prime minister after former Prime Minister Ali Zeidan lost a confidence vote, Xinhua reported.

Thani will act as interim prime minister for two weeks until a replacement for Zeidan is found. Zeidan was ousted amid disputes over oil exports between the central authorities and powerful tribes in the oil-rich eastern regions.

Zeidan’s government has been repeatedly criticised for its inability to restore control of the North African country after the four-decade rule of Muammar Gaddafi ended in 2011.

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