Lebanon’s army target of terrorist attacks: President

Lebanon’s army target of terrorist attacks: President

8 8 8Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said Sunday that he believes the Lebanese army is being targeted through “terrorist attacks.”

The military and security forces “protect the nation, its peace, people, and stability”, Suleiman said. “The martyrdom of its members is the price they have to pay for maintaining the peace in Lebanon.”

He also offered condolences to the victims of Saturday’s bombing in the eastern Bekaa region of Hermel, stressing that “the army has become the main target of terrorist attacks”.

An army officer, a soldier, and a civilian were killed and 16 others wounded, including five soldiers, in a car bombing Saturday that targeted an army checkpoint in the Bekaa town of Hermel.

Hermel, a Hezbollah stronghold, has witnessed multiple attacks in recent months linked to the war in neighbouring Syria.

Lebanon has been rocked by a series of suicide bombings targeting areas affiliated with the Hezbollah political movement, which has been accused by militant Islamic groups of backing Syria’s government.

The Army Command Sunday said that a black Grand Cherokee vehicle was used in Saturday’s bombing and the military expert estimated that about 125 kg of explosives were used in the attack.

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