Kolkata zoo probes escape of zebra

Kolkata zoo probes escape of zebra

22Kolkata, May 28 (IANS) Alipore zoo authorities here are investigating the matter of escape of a male zebra Wednesday from an enclosure where it was undergoing treatment. The animal has been captured and put in a separate area.

Around 8 a.m. Wednesday, zoo-keepers discovered that the zebra was missing from the treatment area, a specially built space adjacent to the main enclosure where a total of five zebras are housed.

“The animal, one of the five zebras, was receiving treatment for an injury. It was kept in a separate enclosure for recovery. Our officials found it missing in the morning. Investigation is going on to find out how it escaped,” zoo director K.L. Ghosh told IANS.

The animal was subsequently captured and placed in a secured area, he added. “We can give further details only after the investigation is over,” Ghosh said, refusing to speculate on the reasons behind its escape.

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