Israeli PM angry over Iranian arms shipment

Israeli PM angry over Iranian arms shipment

33Jerusalem, March 11 (IANS)┬áIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at what he views as the world’s “faint” response to Iran’s alleged attempt to ship weapons to the Gaza Strip.

“At most I heard a few faint condemnations of Iran from the international community after we intercepted this murderous shipment,” Xinhua quoted Netanyahu as saying at a news conference at a naval base in the Red Sea resort of Eilat Monday, referring to the weapons seized by the Israeli Navy in a pre-dawn raid last Wednesday.

A group of journalists and foreign military attaches and ambassadors were at the base Monday to view a display of the seized weapons, including 40 long-range M-302 missiles with a range of between 90 km and 160 km, 180 mortar shells and 400,000 rounds for AK-47 assault rifles.

The Israeli military said the powerful M-302, which carries a 150-kg warhead, would have posed threat to millions of Israelis if the shipment had reached Gaza.

The Israeli Navy displayed some documents it said unequivocally pointed out to Tehran as the origin of the shipment, which was concealed under cement sacks in more than 100 containers.

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