Into the world of astrology with Sandeep Bhargava

Into the world of astrology with Sandeep Bhargava


Determination and hardwork is what you need most this week. It is also

important to keep in mind when it comes to your family even when

things get shaky and sensitive, as they might this weekend. Finances is

all what you have in your mind but you don’t need to be radical about it.

No extra profit is predicted so you just need to spend your regular

income wisely. In health, you’ll be prone to viral infections and severe

disturbance in your digestive system. Diet, exercise and meditation will

help improve your overall well-being. You’ll be an independent spirit. If

you are single, you’ll put your romantic quest in lesser priority. With

couples, you’ll be pursuing your own interests more. Problems will arise

later part of the week with clients or coworkers, so take extra care with

your interpersonal relations and make sure that you keep everyone on

the same page.


Your overall performance will be affected due to conflicts concerning

your personal and professional life. Your life partner is also an added

burden. However, you’ll likely overcome these disappointments mid-

week and you’ll feel relieved. You’ll start this week with a rush of power

at work. You might be involved in conflicts with your closest peer and

this will be serious. Increase in monetary gain is likely expected but you

need to be extremely careful in how you spend this money. Save part of

it for investments, which will secure your future and do not spend on

unnecessary stuff.


This week is totally different. You’ll have a lot of unusual obstacles along

the way. Just follow your instinct and don’t pay attention to those who’ll

block your way to the main path. You’ll likely to enjoy staying at home

after a hard day out and you’ll feel comfortable with domestic matters.

There will be a twist on your career path at the end of this week. Better

to ask someone outside the workplace for advice before you do any plan

of action. Businesspersons may expect profit improvement and

development. This week will be uneasy time in married life. Singles may

develop an intimate relationship while those in a stable relationship will

experience rough times due to different perception with your partner.

You’ll enjoy socializing and partying over the weekend.


Growing expenses will keep you preoccupied this week. You’ll meet

most of the expenses but unlikely to save any money. You are advised to

work on some ways to enhance your income. You may experience

hardships related to family matters. Keep calm and avoid arguments.

Stressful situation like this may have an adverse effect on your health.

Singles will be more focused on your career and earning money than

romance/love. Those in romantic relationship, will feel good and

satisfied with their partner’s attitude while for married couple, it will be

vice versa.


Time to work on your productivity! If you are in manufacturing

industries, this will be the right time to expand your capacity.

Professionals need to connect with old clients to gain projects. You’ll

remain in the pink of health this week though some minor issues may

bother you. Take care of your health and maintain your healthy

lifestyle. Embrace whatever changes happened this week that have

significance for your love life it will absolutely for the best. You’ll be

more focused on yourself such as getting into exercise plan that will

make you healthier than ever. Singles are suggested to go out solo and

do something creative – great chance that you’ll get noticed.


Controlling expenses will likely become difficult this week. There’s no

monetary gain predicted and there’s unexpected expenses that affect

your savings. Your week will start with a burst of positive energy that

will make even the dullest tasks feel worthwhile. On the following days,

you’re expected to surpass your primary goals by making your routine

more efficient and organized. Of course, the feeling of anxiety will be

there – maybe on the end of the week. Try not to make them worse with

pointless comments that might be misinterpreted. Matters of the heart

are not quite making headlines for you this week. Your thoughts and

ideas are buried deep within you. Time to work on your relationship

goals and be determined about what you really want.


Private matters and past issues are you’re main concern this week. This

is the time you’re least likely to speak out. This is a good time for

research, contemplation, and meditation; but don’t be discourage on

issues that have outgrown their worth and purpose. Planetary alliances

seem favorable for making progress. Businesspersons will feel dignified

for orders or phone calls received from clients. Short trip to finalize a

deal is likely to deliver positive results. Building long-term relationship

is not favorable this week. Married couples may encounter conflicts that

may result a gap in their relationship. Confide with your partner

honestly to prevent this issues to happen.


You may encounter problem performing your routine activities this

week. There will be barriers that keep you from doing your activities

consistently. Things are changing and you may not notice it at this time.

Ideally, you should embrace this moment and confront a problem head-

on. Monetary gain is expected however, don’t use on unnecessary things

or activities. Make it a habit to save and invest it for the future.

Romantic activities will be on less priority for singles. They will be

focused more on their career and other things. Those in romantic

relationships may develop doubts among themselves. Married couples

will have disharmony due to different sets of priorities but can be

solved by some adjustments.


You’ll think a lot about your career and business matters this week. The

next couple days are going to be all about the small things. And at times,

these small things matter at the end. You think outside the box and you

know the steps you’re taking. Excellent period for developing career and

professional plans. You tend to think about your position or standing on

a professional level more frequently. And you may do a lot of multi-

tasking related to career and business. As for health, old issues are likely

to relapse. You need to be extremely careful with your health especially

those who have chronic health issues.


You’re week will be smooth sailing though there are few interruptions.

During this time, you will see a lot more of your world. Financial issues

will influence your attention most of this week. Even thought you face

challenges like in financial aspects, these will with either force you onto

a new and better path or you will have greater capability with which to

deal with. There’s no serious health issue that you need to be worried

about except for diseases related to digestive system that need to be

treated immediately.


Monday will be a tough one in terms of career and business. It probably

won’t be focused on you directly but you’ll definitely feels the effects.

However you’ll overcome all of these like a champ and you’ll be

acknowledged for your excellent ideas. Patience and dedication will

keep future growth prospects alive. You will not encounter difficulty in

managing routines as well as unexpected expenses. With regards to

health, you need to remain cautious about symptoms and treat them

immediately to keep things under control. A sizzling affair on the later

day of the week that will completely rocks your world.


It will be all about work at the early part of this week. You’ll spend a lot

of time to impress your boss but no acknowledgement. Don’t worry,

someone outside the workplace will make up on that. You are suggested

to be cautious in spending money this week. Avoid borrowing money or

business related loan in whatever scenario. Seasonal changes may affect

your health. Minor health issues should be treated immediately or it

may lead to complications. Singles will succeed in having a love

relationship this week. Married couples will have rough times.


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