‘International Arya MahaSammelan 2015’ To enlighten mind, body, heart and soul

‘International Arya MahaSammelan 2015’ To enlighten mind, body, heart and soul

arya-sammelenArya Pratinidhi Sabha of Australia is hosting its first ever International Arya MahaSammelan 2015 from 27th – 29th November, 2015 at the Arya Samaj Centre in Shanes Park, New South Wales.

Themed, “Significance of Vedas in the Contemporary World”, the MahaSammelan will see delegates from Arya Samaj’s and Vedic organizations from across the world come together in a unique gathering of minds that will further explore and impart Vedic Knowledge. This is in line with the broader Arya Samaj mission – “Krinvanto Vishwam Aaryam” meaning Making the World Noble.

This inaugural MahaSammelan will include: Agnihotra, Yoga & Meditation sessions, a fun-filled Youth Forum, social and cultural activities as well as Q&A sessions on Vedic solutions.

Visiting Speakers include:

Acharya Ashish Ji Darshanacharya, who is trained as an engineer and has dedicated his life to spreading Vedic Knowledge and social service. He is a disciple of Sw. Satyapatiji. A master in explaining the Vedic Philosophy & Meditation scientifically and an enthusiastic intellectual possessing the capability to elucidate the paramount,   scientific, everlasting, irrefutable principles of Vedas.

Acharya Sanat Kumar Ji Vedacharya who completed his Vedic studies thoroughly and is one of the fine scholars of all the 4 Vedas. He has studied the Vedic limbs and sub-limbs (Anga Upaanga), and other exegetical Vedic scripture.

Acharya Dr. Satish Prakash Ji (New York, US), is a PhD, Vyakaranacharya and founder of Acharya, Maharshi Dayananda Gurukula. He posseses-an in-depth understanding of the Etymological Method of Vedic Interpretation

Pandit Guru Datt Ji, Arya Ratna (Fiji) is a teacher by profession, who has studied Vedic Granthas in India. A lifetime achiever of Vedic wisdom who has been spreading Vedic teaching in South Pacific region.

For a token registration fee of $10, participants will learn and benefit tremendously over the course of three days from discussions encompassing:

  • Vedas in Life
  • Women’s status in Vedas
  • Health system in the Vedas
  • Vedic way of meditation and Yoga
  • Vedic values to create noble families
  • Vedas – Distinctive Reasons of being Divine
  • Vedic Dharma – Universal approach for humanity
  • Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra and Mantra chanting
  • Science in the Vedas – Stimulative Nature of Vedic scriptures
  • Rebirth & Karmic cycle – Vedic solution to reduce crime and peace in society
  • Vedic Concept of God – Consistent, real-world, Universal and rational approach

Vegetarian meals (lunch, dinner and refreshments) will be provided throughout MahaSammelan.

Arya Samaj (meaning “Noble Society”) is a Hindu reform movement founded in India by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875. Basing its beliefs on the Vedas, the Arya Samaj principles have a universal appeal. They propagate the basic concepts of good citizenship and morality. There is nothing sectarian in any of these principles – they are simple, straightforward, liberal and universal. Today, there are approximately 3 to 4 million followers of Arya Samaj worldwide.  Come along and be enlightened.

 For further information and/or to register, visit:http://aryasamajaustralia.com.au/

Alternatively, you can contact:

Pt.Yogesh Arya (Co-ordinator Arya MahaSammelan)

Phone: +61 414 870 948. Email: kumar_yogi@hotmail.com

Mr. Jagdish Chand (President APSA)

Phone: +61403 164 311. Email:j-chand@hotmail.com

Dr/Professor Raghwa Sharma

Phone: +61457 835 699, Email: Raghwa.sharma@health.nsw.gov.au





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