Indian-Australian entrepreneur set to make your city a better place!

Indian-Australian entrepreneur set to make  your city a better place!

Mr.Varun Krishan Sharma, is a successful businessman, a community member always in action and a family man. The established entrepreneur who is contesting Wyndham City Council Election 2016 from the Chaffey Ward has tall ambitions for the people and he promises to make his city a better place for sure. “More transparent laws, immigration reform, greater protections for vulnerable migrants are needed. And I understand that we need to address and tackle racism and discrimination – especially in housing and employment  sectors. I want to strengthen the voice and representation of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in political arenas and other fields as well, these matters need to be taken up”, said Mr. Varun with a serious tone.

Born in Jalandhar (India), Sharma attained a degree in Business Managament and started selling supplies to the Indian Army at the tender age of 17. He first put step on the Melbourne soil in 2009 and since then he made the city his home. After struggle during the initial days the road became smoother and he credits his beautiful wife for that, who always stands by his side. “I have always been supported by my wife Mrs. Manu Sharma. Manu has been my rock and inspiration throughout my journey. My son Harit and my gorgeous Daughter Tesha are two of my best gifts from her.”

About his entrepreneurial side, he informs, “I really respect my father and it is because of him that I know the skills of business. He is my mentor and I shall always be indebted to him for that. I am a learner and an inquisitive soul. I always look for solutions rather than crying over spilt milk. I am not perfect and I know that but I strive for perfection by learning and bettering myself at every stage.”

He further added, “Setting up a business is just like life. It is built on few principles and values. There may come situations when your values and morals might get endangered; standing upright and fighting back with honesty irrespective of gains or loss is what makes you different from the crowd. If not today, tomorrow you will be rewarded for your integrity and candour, but rewarded you will be for sure.”

Mr. Sharma is a devoted and hardworking business man, a loving husband and a responsible father. His step into the political field having sincere and genuine cause aimed towards the society is something we must ponder over!

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