Increased security for drivers’ licences

Increased security for drivers’ licences
1Drivers getting a new licence will notice a new holographic overlay embedded with the State’s floral emblem, the Kangaroo Paw.
Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the upgrade was part of the State Government’s commitment to secure a driver’s identity and maintain international best-practice.
“Licence cards will now be printed with a new holographic overlay to make forgery, fraudulent activity and identity crime even more difficult,” Mr Nalder said
While the changes to the overlay are quite subtle, they would make a big impact.
All licence, identification and WA Photo ID cards provided by the Department of Transport now have: 
  • specialised background printing methods
  • sophisticated graphic design elements, including guilloche patterns
  • deep laser printing of personalised information
  • cardholder’s date of birth laser engraved at base of photo
  • a unique serial number on each licence card
  • a barcode. 
There are also covert security features included on the cards that have been withheld to protect their integrity.

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