I love being scared: Neil Patrick Harris

I love being scared: Neil Patrick Harris

33Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Not everyone appreciates a sudden fright, but actor Neil Patrick Harris says he loves fear and feels that is the reason he enjoyed hosting the Tony awards.

“I love being scared, walking through a field of maize in October with people jumping out and frightening me,” contactmusic.com quoted Harris as saying.

“I know they can’t touch me and I like the experience of it – weirdly, I think hosting the Tony Awards is almost the same thing. I’m out there, it’s live, something could go terribly wrong, but we have lots of outs and I have a teleprompter and we’ve already rehearsed everything. It’s fun and a bit dangerous, but I know I’m going to be all right,” he added.

The actor hosted the Tony award ceremony four times before passing on the baton to actor Hugh Jackman this year.

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