“I live life in my own terms”, Ajay Devgn in conversation with Indus Age

Compiled by- Nidhi Kumari

Ajay Devgn is one of the most sought after actors of the Indian film industry. His powerful action performances, his intense looks, his brooding eyes, his dialogue delivery, his style of romance and his comic timing have established him as a versatile actor who can adapt to roles and characters of any kind.
The star joins the Indus Age team in an exclusive interview with Rajesh Sharma where he talks about his film, Dhrishyam, his down to earth nature, his directorial venture, his take on competition, and a lot more.

Indus Age : Ajay Devgn, one of the most versatile actors of Indian cinema has remained unchanged by success and unaffected by the dazzle world of the Indian film industry. What do you’ve to say on that?

Ajay: I think the most important thing is that you should be yourself. Success and failure will come and go. If you keep reacting or change according to that, it’s not right. And this is what my upbringing is. My father used to say that you should do things on your own terms and conditions, what you feel is right; just be honest to your work and that’s what I believe in.

Indus Age : You’ve gone a long way to carve a niche for yourself in the industry and Ajay Devgn and action packed films have been synonymous to each other. What do you have to say about it?

Ajay : I guess I started with action films being an action-director son, people expected me to do fabulous action, which I did. But I try my best to do different kinds of cinema also; I am trying to do comedies, daramas, now my film Dhrishyam is a very content driven strong film, so I keep experimenting with different kind of roles. I have done films like these earlier, Zakhm was one such film. So I am very fortunate to get a chance to do everything.

Indus Age : In spite of being one of the most successful actors, you’ve always kept yourself at bay with all the competition that surrounds in the industry. What is it that has kept Ajay apart from the entire competition hullabaloo?

Ajay : As I have said, I did things on my own terms and conditions, if other people believe that they need to do a lot more different things, like promote themselves to be where they are, I don’t believe in that. I believe that work will speak and it has paid off for me. And today where I stand I feel very happy and content as I stand on my terms and conditions without doing things I didn’t want to do.

Indus Age : Ajay Devgn’s previous films have given him a larger than life image, now with Drishyam, you’ve shifted to simplicity at its best. Why the change?
Ajay : Because it’s an extraordinary drama, that converts the simplicity of a common man in to a larger than life character, he may not be physically larger but mentally he is and I think it’s more appealing. Every man who watches this film would feel, ‘I wish I was like this’, that’s what drives this film.

Indus Age : In Dhrishyam you are playing a common man whose life is all about his family. Do you find any similarity between your real life and that of your character in Dhrishyam?
Ajay : I guess anybody who has a family; his life would revolve around his family. And indeed I find resemblance because like any other person I would do anything for my family.

Indus Age : Do you take suggestions from your 12 year old daughter?
Ajay :Well she’s so smart, today’s generation is changing, growing and evolving so much so it becomes difficult for you to catch up and you need them by your side to explain to you what has changed and what hasn’t. And I feel proud that my daughter is very sensible that ways. The new generation reflects the perception of the audience too, so it’s always good to take suggestions from them.

Indus Age : Dhrishyam is a remake of a Malyaalam film with the same name, Mohanlal was in the lead and now Kamal Haasan has starred in its Tamil remake (Papanasam). Is there any kind of pressure on you, as comparisons are bound to happen?

Ajay : I am not at all worried about the comparisons because I am not being compared to some of my contemporaries. Both are very senior actors, much more superior actors than me. If tomorrow somebody tells me that they performed better, I won’t feel bad about it because I am their fan myself. So, I am not worried at all.

Indus Age : Tabu and you have given some of the greatest hits together and were categorized as one of the most romantic couples on-screen. How was it working with Tabu again in Dhrishyam?

Ajay : It was great. We’ve been friends before we started doing films. We’ve known each other before we were a part of this industry. There was a gap in between but the best part is that we have started from where we had stopped and that’s the relationship I have with her, which I am very happy about.

Indus Age : Tabu plays a cop in Dhrishyam, and you had said in one of your interviews that, only she could do that character justice. Tell us something about that.
Ajay : When you’ll see the film you will understand why I said that. The kind of intensity and emotion she has to go through in the film, is very difficult to perform. And she’s done extremely well, I think the best.

Indus Age : Anything more that you want to say about Dhrishyam?
Ajay : I feel this is one of my strongest films that has great drama and edge of the seat thriller. It’s one film I am so confident that nobody will turn around and say this film wasn’t okay, and people will say that it’s a fabulous film. What will happen at the box office that I can’t decide and I don’t know, but I do know that people will like Dhrishyam.

Indus Age : Kajol is making a comeback with Sharukh Khan in ‘Dilwale’. We also want to see Kajol and Ajay come together on screen again. Is that happening any time soon?
Ajay : I don’t know; if we get the right script may be then. As of now there’s nothing planned.

Indus Age : You’ve donned the directorial hat, yet again for ‘Shivaay’ to be released in 2016. And its poster release has garnered huge appreciation online. What do you have to say about it?
Ajay : It’s a tough film to make. We are prepping for it starting this winter I hope that everything goes fine, because the terrain is difficult, the weather conditions are terrible and we will have to shoot in that condition, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hope that everything goes well.

Indus Age : What message would you like to give your fans Down Under?
Ajay : I am grateful to them for appreciating my work. I have shot a lot of my films there but it’s been quite some time I haven’t been there. I have been there for holidays but I will plan to visit and meet my fans.

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