Indus Age in a Conversation with Ayushman Khurana

Indus Age in a Conversation with Ayushman Khurana

Ayushman Khurana“I get attracted to movies which are edgy, content based and slightly different from the mainstream.” Ayushman Khurana

Recently, Nikita Sharma, from the Indus Age Family took an exclusive interview of Ayushman Khurana, the main lead of an upcoming film, ‘Bewakoofiyan’. Bewakoofiyan stars Ayushman Khurana and Sonam Kapoor. Directed by Nupur Asthana, it’s about a passionately in love couple and how their life changes with situations and economic crisis. What is the movie bewakoofiyan revolving around?

Bewakoofiyan is love story revolving around the time of recession; it’s about Bewakoofiyan in professional life, real life. It’s not a typical rom com. Though it has fictional characters, the situations are inspired from real life.

The movie bewakoofiyan was recently in the news, stating it’s inspired from the story of a man, how true is that?

Not based on a particular story but real life incidents its of the time when the recession hit India 10 years back and Ayushman works in an airline company and becomes jobless and we all know what happened to many countries a couple of years back and a lot airline companies went bankrupt and many people lost their jobs, it has taken a cue from the situation.

In your previous movies you have worked with newcomers (yami gautam and pooja salve) how was it working with a senior co-star?

Amazing you learn a lot from people who are experienced and a performer like sonam kapoor and a senior actor like Rishi kapoor, you become a better actor, took a lot of styling advices from sonam and because of Rishi Kapoor I became a one big actor.

We all tapped our feet on the songs sung by you; do you plan to move ahead with it as a second profession?

Of course it is my second profession, I have a sung a song in the movie, ‘khamakha’ and I made a debut in Vicky donor. Another song ‘o heriye’ was released 6 months back but they have added it in the film and I would love to take it forward as I love music.

Bewakoofiyan is a romcom, one can see you do more of offbeat movies, is there any special reason for that?

I get attracted to movies which are edgy, content based and slightly different from the mainstream. In fact the movie Bewakoofiyan is my first commercial based movie, its more mainstream, rom-com based but the ones I have done in the past and the ones I’ve I’ll be doing in the future are again very unconventional, edgy

In the film you are trying to convince Myra’s father (to get married to his daughter), which leads to a lot of chaos. Did you try any of such tricks in real life as well?

Not really, even my wife’s father was always fond of me. We had same interest like music, he likes music, so do I, so that was quite east and I did not try too hard and if you have a real conscience then I don’t think you don’t have to try too hard to impress your girl’s father.

Any message you’d like to give your fans?

The only one message is an expression of gratitude and thank everyone for appreciating me as a singer, actor, composer. This film will give you great entertainment, it’s a very young script and I am sure you will relate to the script. This movie relates to everyone, and you all must watch Bewakoofiyan.



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