Human Centric Lighting – Health benefits to your health and wealth

Human Centric Lighting – Health benefits to   your health and wealth

1By- Arun Samuel

Our homes are a reflectionof our hearts. Human Centric Lighting is all about this –

creating a seamless living experience by balancing the outside (your home) so it is

in sync with the inside (your body). With precise planning, turning your home

from drab to fab can be accomplished easily and quickly – without expensive


We already know that LED lights are highly energy efficient (lower electricity

bills) and have a long lifespan (low replacement cost), have lower CO2 levels and

little or no UV rays, and less heat is produced – but it doesn’t stop there.

Here are a few points for consideration. It also helps maintain better circadian

rhythms for your body clock without which an array of physical and psychological

health problems could arise. But there’s more. Some hospitals have started

research into the positive results seen by using LED lights at their facilities in

treating depression and reducing infection rates.

But that’s not where it ends. Lighting, especially the color, has a very

important role. LED lights reduce eye strain and increases concentration –

important for those long hours studying or working on the computer as most of us

do. Another color may make food look tastier. Also, did you know that a certain

color temperature improves the function of our stomach and intestines? One other

particular color can make you sleep easily and better. Proper color temperature

of the lights used in your room can indeed change your lifestyle, health, and


For the Kitchen and study– ‘Cool white’ is the ideal color for providing these area

of our home with the high level of luminosity we need.

For the dining and family room – ‘Warm white’ creates a soft ambiance that

enhances the warmth of the environment not to mention the color and appearance

of our dinner.

For the Media room and entertainment areas – strategically placed downlights and

colored strip lights help jazz it up. Stylized downlight covers, given in pictures can

be custom built to any color and suit any décor for the project, it adds

sophistication and elegance.

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