Holi Mahotsav 2016 at Darling Harbour Withdrawn

Holi Mahotsav 2016 at Darling Harbour Withdrawn

The much awaited Holi Mahotsav at Darling Harbour has been cancelled for want of funds.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Australia, that has presented Holi Mahotsav at Darling Harbour for the last 13 years, will not take place this year. Several reasons have been cited for it. “The prime contributing factor for this decision is:

holiLack of Funding: We exhausted all sources including the NSW Government, City of Sydney. While these government bodies do provide large funds for some other community functions but sadly for us our Holi Mahotsav a unique multicultural grand festival did not fall under the criteria of their ‘discretionary funding’.

The festival needs huge funds of over $200,000 for this free to public grand event. Every year we/our directors have been contributing their own funds to let this grand festival of harmony at perhaps the most prestigious venue of Darling Harbour. But now are not in a position to pour in their own personal Funds”, a press statement released by BVB, Australia stated.

This Indian spring festival has become an iconic multicultural event which aims to foster and celebrate unity, harmony, peace and friendship between all communities and generations. Over the years it has been internationally recognised in various countries at various platforms. The festival encouraged the wider Australian community to come together in community activities including the very significant “colour throwing”, which involves people throwing powdered colour at each other. Australia is a colourful country which is the home to many different culture and religion. The Holi Mahotsav captures the true essence of this Australia

being a colourful nation. People from all backgrounds, culture and religions unite and celebrate multiculturalism and each other’s differences in the form of a fun-filled intergenerational family event. The event held in Tumbalong Park aims to foster and appreciate unity and diversity through different cultural dances, interfaith prayers, meditation, music, dance, colour throwing and a variety of food stalls. However the organisation announced that the Mahotsav has been cancelled this year.

“We have to painfully announce that due to various reasons this year we are forced to cancel Holi Mahotsav 2016 even after making extensive arrangements. But we will be back with Holi Mahotsav 2017; of course subject to availability of funds”, Gambhir Watts OAM, President said.

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