Heatwave brings increased fire danger for Queensland

Heatwave brings increased fire danger for Queensland

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is preparing for more bushfires over the coming days with a heatwave forecast to impact much of Queensland.

Today Minister for Emergency Services Mark Ryan said with temperatures set to soar across much of the State in the coming days, emergency services personnel are equipped and ready to swiftly respond in the threat of bushfires.

“The heatwave is expected to bring temperatures up to 10 degrees above average in some areas this week, which is expected to generate very high to severe fire danger,” Minister Ryan said.

“Queenslanders can be rest assured that our Emergency Services personnel are prepared.

“Extra crews are on standby in areas of high risk and firefighters have been spent many months preparing for the summer bushfire season.”

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Assistant Commissioner Tom Dawson said QFES was well prepared for the predicted severe fire danger ratings (FDR).

“We’ve seen consistent bushfire activity since August but the forecast heatwave and dry conditions will be the worst we’ve experienced this season,” Mr Dawson said.

“Extreme temperatures will cause bushfire conditions to skyrocket, and we can expect to see a severe or very high FDR over much of the state from tomorrow through to Tuesday.

“Firefighters on the ground have been briefed, know what to expect and are well prepared to respond if a bushfire threatens.”

Mr Dawson said a bushfire in these conditions would quickly become intense, uncontrollable and fast moving and residents were urged to report all bushfire activity immediately.

“Any bushfire in these conditions has the potential to gain intensity very quickly and move rapidly, making it extremely difficult to contain,” Mr Dawson said.

“An uncontrollable fire is also unpredictable, and we are relying on the community to assist us in our efforts and help notify us of any bushfire activity.

“We need residents to report any bushfire to Triple Zero (000) immediately, as the sooner we can get crews on the ground, the quicker we can contain the fire.”

Mr Dawson said residents needed to stay up to date with warnings and ensure their families were prepared if a bushfire threatened their property.

“The best way for residents to remain informed of bushfire activity in their area is by staying up to date with bushfire warnings, it may well save your life,” Mr Dawson said.

“If you haven’t already, take some time to create and practice your Bushfire Survival Plan making sure your family’s prepared should a bushfire threaten your home.

“Residents need to take extreme care this weekend and caution should be taken when using power tools or heavy machinery and never throw a cigarette butt from your car, the smallest spark could start a fire.”

Residents can stay informed of fires in their area by visiting the RFS website, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) social media pages or tuning in to local radio. 

Visit www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au to keep updated on fire danger ratings and information on bushfire preparation. 


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