Hamas committed to achieving reconciliation: Ismail Haneya

Hamas committed to achieving reconciliation: Ismail Haneya

12Gaza, April 26 (IANS) The prime minister of the Hamas authorities in Gaza Strip told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Friday that his movement is committed to achieving the internal Palestinian reconciliation, the media reported.

Ismail Haneya, also deputy chief of Hamas, told Abbas on the phone that his movement wants to implement the reconciliation agreements “in accordance to the agreed upon timetables,” Xinhua reported citing Hamas official news agency al-Rai.

The prime minister urged Abbas to exert every effort to guarantee a safe political and financial network to restore the reconciliation agreement and carry out steps on the ground to reinforce confidence between the two sides, the report said.

Meanwhile, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said in a televised interview that he will do his best to succeed the internal Palestinian reconciliation.

“The reconciliation will certainly make all the Palestinians able to face the Zionist challenges. The Zionists (Israelis) are shedding the blood, violate the rights and rape the lands,” al-Rai quoted Meshaal as saying.

Earlier on Wednesday Abbas’ Fatah party and the Hamas movement announced a reconciliation agreement, declaring an end to their internal split.

The new understandings would end a Palestinian political rift that started in June 2007 when Hamas took over Gaza after routing the forces loyal to Abbas who now rules the West Bank.

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