Gymnastics boss calls for more weight to execution

Gymnastics boss calls for more weight to execution

8Nanning (China), Oct 12 (IANS) World gymnastics chief Bruno Grandi Sunday called for more weight to be accorded to the execution part of the sport rather than its acrobatic aspect.

The International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) president proposed that the body’s technical committee pay more attention to the artistic part of gymnastics instead of the acrobatic, reports Xinhua.

Addressing the closing day function of the world gymnastics championships here, Grandi said he hopes difficulty and execution points weigh 1-1 in gymnastics judging.

“Now the judges, coaches and gymnasts focus too much on difficulty, resulting in the gradual decreasing of the sense of artistic beauty,” he said.

Grandi noted that gymnasts are raising their difficulty, but the difficulty isn’t always executed well.

He suggested that coaches and gymnasts make sure the execution of routines was not only “done” but “well done” in order to achieve a balance between execution and difficulty.

Grandi said that to change the grading system was not an easy job but he believed it was possible.

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