‘GoriTerePyaarMein’- One of the most fun work experience yet for Imran

‘GoriTerePyaarMein’- One of the most fun work experience yet for Imran

Nikita Sharma, New Delhi

Bollywood actor Imran Khan has described his upcoming film ‘GoriTerePyaarMein’ as one of the most fun work experiences that he has had till date. The romantic comedy film has been directed by PunitMalhotra and produced by Karan Johar under the banner of Dharma Productions.

gori1 (1)Mind Blowing Films, Australia arranged an exclusive telephonic interview withImran where he talked about the upcoming filmand his future ventures with Nikita Sharma.

Imran believes that the film is aimed at younger couples and the family audience.”Karan likes his films to reach out across the audiences and he likes to make his films family friendly,” he said and so is quite evident from the trailers. The songs and dialogues are very youth- centric and peppy.

Imran said,“ ‘Chewing GumChabaKe’stood out for me the moment I heard it”. It is his personal favoriteas it has very quirky lyrics.

As Imranand Kareena have proved be a very successful on screen pair in ‘Ek Main AurEkkTu’, which was also a PunitMalhotra movie, the expectations from ‘GoriTerePyaarMein’ are very high. On being asked about how does he feel about it, Imran said, “I feel, expectation is a kind of thing, which is always attached with a film and it doesn’t really affect one’s work progress. Ultimately, you have to work to the best of your ability without thinking about future.”

Talking about his character that he is playing in the film, SriramVenkat, he said” Sriram is the shallowest guy on earth who doesn’t value relationships, family, friends, life or the country. He is the kind of guy who likes to have fun and is a bit of a party guy. He doesn’t have a sense of maturity for his family’s traditions which makes him the clear ‘black’ sheep of the family”.

“My Casanova character in the movie is inspired from Punit. He used to come shirtless, get a massage done on the sets, joked around with the crew and lots more,” said Imran “I did exactly what he does always. In fact, it seemed like I was living his life,” he added.

Kareena’s character, Dia is a social activist who wants to bring a change and fights for a better India, but in a fun way, not in a Satyagraha way.

Imran also said that he and Kareena were in-sync from day one as they had already built a rapport in their previous film.
“It was easier this time. In our last film, there was an obvious break-in period when we had to figure out each other’s styles and get to know one another. Over here we hit the ground running. I knew what to expect in a scene with her. We had a lot of fun”.

On being questioned aboutImran and Punit creating another contemporary actor-director duo in B-Town (like Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar, Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar)helaughed and said “I would love if it works out that way as Punit and I share a very close and healthy personal and professional relationship. While working on ‘Ek Main AurEkkTu’ we developed a strong friendship and hence, this time I had a clearer idea of what he wants from me. So when I read a line, I knew how he wants me to deliver it. He knows me so he is able to get things the way he wants. Apart from that, he has grown a lot as a director. His control as a director is much better. His craft has matured”.

Talking about his future projects, Imran mentioned his latest venture with director VikramadityaMotwane called ‘Bhavesh Joshi’. He said, “It’s at a very early stage right now but hopefully will be ready to roll by February 2014”.

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