Gazette notification for Telangana likely next week: Ramesh

Gazette notification for Telangana likely next week: Ramesh

jairamNew Delhi/Hyderabad, Feb 21  The gazette notification for creation of separate Telangana state is likely to be issued in four to five days after the president gives his assent to the bill passed by parliament, said Rural Development Jairam Ramesh Friday.

Ramesh told reporters in the national capital that two news states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) will formally come into being with effect from tge appointed day to be mentioned in the gazette notification.

The appointed day is when the two states will formally come into being with appointment of two chief ministers, two chief secretaries and two directors general of police, he said.

Ramesh, who is member of Group of Ministers on Telangana, said the appointed day is so fixed that the preparatory work for distribution of cadre, finance and assets and liabilities between two states could be completed.

He pointed out that in case of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand, it took three months from the notified date for new states to come into being.

The central minister said 84,000 employees have to be distributed between the two states. Two committees were constituted for allotment of Indian Administrate Service (IAS) officers and Andhra Pradesh service officers.

He said a committee of experts would be formed to identify capital for successor state of Andhra Pradesh. The committee is expected to give its report in six months.

The minister said the two states would prosper if they cooperate with each other. “The language of Andhra politics now has to be language of reconciliation, mutual understanding and cooperation,” he said.

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