France seeks G8 preparatory talks’ suspension

France seeks G8 preparatory talks’ suspension

8Paris, March 3 (IANS)¬†France has urged for suspension of this week’s preparatory meetings for the G8 summit in Russia’s Sochi city in June.

“France wishes the preparation for G8 Sochi should be suspended because our Russian partners are contrary to the principles of the G7 and G8,” Xinhua quoted French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius as saying Sunday.

“Our Russian partners must understand that if they continue, it will cost them.

The French top diplomat, in an interview with Europe1, itele et le Monde, expressed concerns over the “quite worrying” situation in Kiev, adding Paris and its European partners were taking steps to reach a “de-escalation”.

“We condemn the Russian military escalation and want a mediation to be organised as soon as possible directly between Russians and Ukrainians, or through the UN or the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe).”

With diplomatic support of Germany and Poland, France brokered a peace deal between Ukrainian officials and opposition and was ready to participate in a possible mediation to avoid a “foreign intervention” in Ukraine, Fabius said.

European foreign ministers will meet Monday to discuss recent developments in Kiev.

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