Footprints on the sands of charity

Footprints on the sands of charity

1 2 3By- Dr Severina Vahanwala

Rhythm Dance Academy, presented Taal Chakra on 15thAugust 2015, at the

Durga Auditorium, Regents Park NSW 2143.

Taal Chakra was a fund raising event for Kruti Foundation that aims to reach

out to underprivileged kids suffering from Thalassemia. The foundation aids

170 Thalassemia major kids from underprivileged segment of society from

Jalgaon and villages around the district, in Maharashtra, India.

100 % of the funds raised through the sales of Tickets were directed towards the


Many members of the Indian Community, Members of the Lions Club,

Business Associates, and socialites attended this event.

Kruti Foundation, a NGO, strives to bring dignity and hope to the lives and

livelihoods of the underprivileged in India.

Taal Chakra, a Kathak performance by Mrs. Harshala Vaidya Totade , her team

of musicians and the senior students of Rhythm Dance Academy brought

together people from all walks of life not just to appreciate the classical dance

form but also to contribute towards the noble cause of assisting the Thalassemic

kids with therapy and rehabilitation.

Thalassemia is a heterogeneous group of hereditary haemolytic anemia marked

by a decreased rate of haemoglobin synthesis. Blood Transfusion and clinical

rehabilitation is the only practical resource for these kids.

Kruti Foundation endeavours to pursue this mission in association with the Red

Cross Society in India.

The event itself was widely appreciated and presented well with the crisp

anchoring of the multitalented Dr. Minoti Apte.

Mr. Shekhar Mahajan, Vice President of Kruti Foundation, acknowledged the

contributions of all members and volunteers of Kruti Foundation. “Our zeal and

Taal Chakra have inspired many individuals and organisations who want to

imprint their footprint on the sands of charity through the missions of Kruti

Foundation”, said Mr. Shekhar Mahajan as Kruti Foundation presented tokens

of appreciation to those who made Taal Chakra happen. It was indeed an

evening to cherish and will surely inspire deeds of good will towards fellow


For more information on Kruti Foundation, please visit the Facebook page of

Kruti Foundation Incorporated or visit their website

You can also contact Mr. Shekhar Mahajan at 0408 144 41.

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