Exploring What Matters: A Course on Happiness

Meet Jayendra Shah and Leah who have come up with a course where you can actually learn to be ‘happy’. As the novel thought- Happiness (“Exploring What Matters”) course commences on Saturday 11TH March 2017. Shah gives us some insight into the course.

What is this course all about?

The Action for Happiness course (“Exploring What Matters”) is a unique and inspiring 8-week course to explore what matters for a happy and meaningful life. This course is developed by Action for Happiness and is endorsed by H H Dalai Lama.

The course is based on the latest scientific evidence and is intended for people of all backgrounds, particularly those who would like to see a more positive and caring society.

Each session has a theme, based on a ‘big question’, such as:

  1. What really matters in life?
  2. What actually makes us happy?
  3. Can we find peace of mind?
  4. How should we treat others?
  5. What makes for great relationships?
  6. Can we be happier at work?
  7. Can we build happier communities?
  8. How can we create a happier world?

The course is run over 8 sessions exploring one question per session.  Each session takes place weekly, last for 2 hours and generally follows the same format, which has been designed to be inspiring and interactive.

The course will be run at Parramatta Rivers Meeting Room at Bourke Street, North Parramatta on every Saturday from 3 to 5 pm commencing on 11 March 17 with no session on Easter Saturday.

Can you very briefly tell us how one can live a happy life?

Action for Happiness gives 10 keys for happier living and it is abbreviated as GREAT DREAM


G for giving – Do things for others

R for relationship – Connect with people

E for exercising – Take care of your body

A for Awareness – living in present mindfully

T for Trying – Trying out and Learning New things


D for Direction – Have goals to look forward to and working in right direction

R for Resilience – Find ways to bounce back

E for Emotions – Look for what is good, Living with and through emotions

A for Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are, accepting life and situations

M for Meaning – Be part of something bigger, living meaningful life


How can anyone interested in doing this course join?


The best way to join the course will be to register online.  Go to www.actionforhappinessaustralia.org and then click on events and then click on Parrammata event to go to the page from where one can register.


Alternatively send us email to happylifebyall@gmail.com and we will send you link or contact any one of us Jay on 0438621590 or  Leah on 0432 423686.

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