Crime figures trending down or stable

Crime figures trending down or stable

crimeActing Minister for Police and Emergency Services Greg Smith SC today welcomed the latest crime statistics which shows 16 of the 17 major offence categories are going down or remain stable.

“The figures released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show that eight of the major crime categories have had a significant downward trend in the same period,” Mr Smith said.

“The decreases across the major crime categories are a win for police and a win for communities across NSW.”

“Across NSW, over the five years to September 2013, violent offences have decreased on average each year by 1.9%,” Mr Smith said.

Some of the major crime categories that have shown a downward trend include:

  • ·         non-domestic assaults – down 3.8%
  • ·         robbery without a weapon – down 8.0%
  • ·         break and enter dwelling – down 6.7%
  • ·         break and enter non-dwelling – down 7.7%
  • ·         motor vehicle theft – down 11.2%
  • ·         steal from motor vehicle – down 3.9%
  • ·         steal from person – down 10.8%
  • ·         malicious damage to property – down 6.4%


“The report also shows that shooting incidents have fallen dramatically this year,” he said.

“It is significant to note that shooting offences in NSW remain stable, when measured across the two, five and ten year periods leading up to September 2013.”

“These statistics highlight how police are doing a fantastic job targeting people associated with gun-crime and are getting in their faces every day. “

“Police are working around the clock to target gun crime and to ensure it doesn’t reach the record high of 360 shootings in a year under the former Labor Government.”

“The only crime category showing an upward trend is fraud which has increased due to credit card fraud.”

“The NSW Government is committed to driving down crime and we’ll continue to work hard and resource police with what they need.”

“These figures reflect the ongoing hard work of the NSW Police Force backed by the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government,” Mr Smith said.

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