Cowell likely to shift in Bieber’s neighbourhood

Cowell likely to shift in Bieber’s neighbourhood

6Los Angeles, March 3 (IANS)┬áMusic mogul Simon Cowell may become singer Justin Bieber’s new neighbour as the former is reportedly interested in buying a house in the same area.

“The X Factor” producer is said to be in talks with an estate agent to buy a six-bedroom, worth 5.4 million pounds house, here for his family. The house is in the community of Calabasas known as The Oaks Bieber’s mansion is located, reports

“You have to wonder whether Simon’s people are even aware that Bieber lives in the neighbourhood. If he does move here with his family, he should know that the kid is a non-stop menace when he’s in residence, throwing all night parties with his pals and generally wreaking havoc,” said a source.

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