Conference of World Religions held in Australia

Conference of World Religions held in Australia

The Conference of World Religions was held in Melbourne on 29th November, 2015 under the auspice of Ahmediya Muslim Community of Victoria, Australia.

The conference was a grand success with huge attendance applauding the galaxy of various religious leaders on the same platform. Learned dignitaries including Mr. Michael Wells (Buddhism), Rev. Phillip Manktelow (Christinity), Pandit Abhay Anand Awasthi (Hinduism), Imam Wadood A Janud (Islam), Mr. Rabbi Lange (Judaism) and Mr. Amar Singh (Sikhism) enlightened the participants with the essence of their respective religion.

Mr.Nirmal Singh Namdhari, Chairman, Selandra Rise Residents Association, Clyde North, Victoria and Mr. Bhullar and Mr. Jaggi, also participated in the conference.

Mr. Namdhari emphasized upon values of non-violence, peace and fraternity as the common elements of all religion to counter the challenges of extremism.

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