Christopher Nolan ‘miffed’ with Al Pacino?

Christopher Nolan ‘miffed’ with Al Pacino?

8Los Angeles, Oct 8 (IANS)¬†Actor Al Pacino feels director Christopher Nolan is “miffed”
with him after he turned down a role in one of his earlier films.

The 74-year-old actor explained that he’s not being offered a role in a Nolan-directed film since he declined a chance to appear in one of them, reports

Pacino told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “He hasn’t offered me a film in a while, you know why? He asked me to be in this movie and I didn’t do it. I think that might have miffed him a little bit, but I’m being presumptuous myself.”

Pacino starred in Nolan’s 2002 thriller “Insomnia”, but refused to reveal which film he turned down.

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