13Managing Anger What is anger?Why do I become angry?I usually blame others or situationsor events for me becomingangry – IS THIS NOTION
CORRECT AND TRUE?What is the real “BLUEPRINT” of my anger?

I know that YOU are keento learn the answers for theabove just like ME!
Having understood the answers,HOW AM I GOING TOMANAGE MY ANGER!!

Come and join all others likeyou and me and let us listen(“SHRUNU”) to Swami Swaroopananda.

We shall meet and learn togetherat Bahai Centre, Silverwater !!
Topic on Tuesday 25th Nov:Managing changeWe are all aware that from
our first breath to the last, wechange .

Our body changes as we growolder Our emotions changeeven by minute to minute!!Our intellect changes as wegather “information”.

We realise that the world (with its people, beings and things) around us also appears to change. Does it really?

Shall we find out from Swami Swaroopanada the answer to this question?
I bet that He will not onlyclear this doubt once and forall but also guide us “HOW TO MANAGE THIS CHANGE”Topic on Wednesday 26th Nov: Managing Time Commonly heard comments by all of us at some time or the other are ‘I have no time, I am busy, Time flies, I have to kill time, Time and tide wait for no one, It is time to GO’ etc etc.

It is our tendency to place the blame on “this” time for not keeping up the dead lines; not honouring promises made. What is time and how to manage this time? – Is this mere 24 hour cycle in a day we are talking about as time or is it the “interval between two thoughts” which is the definition
of time.

If so, then, when we want to learn to manage our time, what we really mean is that we want to learn to manage our thoughts ! Is it??

Surrender our attention to Swami Swaroopananda on 26th Nov to learn and then practice to manage time, I mean, our thoughts.

Topic on Thursday 27th Nov: Managing People In every sphere of our lives, be it at a personal level (within the family) or professional level, management of people is said to be an art of its own. Individuals, professionals, & Governments find this a daunting issue.

Clever people make bucket loads of money in “teaching” others this art! Is this really that difficult? During the preceding 3 nights, we will have listened (“shrunu”) and just not heard from Swamiji, the arts of managing
anger, managing change and managing time .

By now, our minds will have been cleared of all sorts of cobwebs and become quiet enough to absorb like a sponge His instruction to “manage” people or is it going to be instruction to “ manage” US – ourselves !!

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