Car thief admits killing Indian-origin man in Britain

Car thief admits killing Indian-origin man in Britain

London, April 1816 (IANS) A suspected carjacker in Britain, who stabbed an Indian-origin man to death while he was trying to prevent his Mercedes from being stolen, has admitted to his crime.

Harjinder Singh Bhurji, 32, who was accompanied by a female friend, was stabbed to death in the early hours of Sept 13, 2011 in Ilford in Britain’s Redbridge borough.

Rory Gordon admitted in the Central criminal court in London that he stabbed Bhurji but claimed he did not mean to kill the man, Ilford Recorder reported Thursday.

Gordon, 23, and Jae-don Fearon,21, have been accused of killing Bhurji and stealing his car.

The car was found abandoned in Chingford in suburban London.

Bhurji, a garage owner, bled to death in front of his friend Kajal Bhardwa, a 25-year-old business analyst.

Gordon, in his defence, said he tried to frighten the victim and his friend to give him the car keys and never intended to stab anyone.

“He was like ‘it is not my car, it is not my car’ and the lady was like ‘stop messing about and give him the keys’,” Gordon was quoted as saying.

“I was trying to keep the distance between us. He ended up getting stabbed,” he said.

“It happened so fast, as soon as he came towards me I pulled away,” he added.

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