Broccoli- The super food for you!

Broccoli- The super food for you!

Broccoli may not be your favorite food, especially kids who run just by the name of this vegetable. But a number of

researches have suggested that this vegetable can be considered a ‘Super Vegetable’ with all its qualities which

sends your health soaring, from boosting immunity to strengthening your skeleton and joints to

cutting cancer risk. Here are 8 ways in which this vegetable is your knight in shining amour:

1. Broccoli slows osteoarthritis. Published in the Journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, the

University of East Anglia in the UK has identified sulforaphane, a compound generously

found in broccoli, as being preventive against osteoarthritis in mice. Sulforaphane displays

anti-inflammatory behaviors and is responsible for slowing down the decomposition of joint

cartilage. Researchers suggest that this finding will further fuel the emphasis that human

treatment, in this case for arthritis, could lie in diet and lifestyle changes — not just in

costly medication and surgery.

2. Broccoli helps prevent cancer. Chief among broccoli’s benefits is the super food’s

role in fighting disease. In particular, two of broccoli’s phytochemicals — indoles and

isothiocyanates — play an important role in cancer prevention. Studies have found that the

indole-3-carbinol may help prevent hormone-related cancers, such as breast and prostate

cancer. Also, sulforaphane, an isothiocyanate, increased the activity of a group of cancer-
fighting enzymes. In addition, beta-carotene in broccoli transforms into vitamin A within the

body, which may also help prevent cancer.

3. Broccoli helps fight depression. Author of “Eat Your Way to Happiness,” Elizabeth Somer,

RD, says broccoli is a good source of the mood-boosting B vitamin folate.

4. Broccoli enhances bone health. Broccoli contains calcium and vitamin K, both of which are

important for bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

5. Broccoli helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system and balances sodium’s effect on

blood pressure. Broccoli is rich in potassium, which helps stabilize blood pressure and also

aids in maintaining a healthy nervous system and brain function.

6. Broccoli may help prevent cardiovascular disease. Some studies have shown that

broccoli’s vitamin B6 and folate may offer some protection against heart disease and stroke.

7. Broccoli improves digestion. Jeanette Bronee, a certified holistic health counselor with

Path for Life in New York City, says broccoli’s high fiber content aides with digestion and

prevents constipation by sweeping out the digestive tract.

8. Broccoli helps repairs skin damage and fight vision loss. Broccoli contains lutein, which is

important for eye health. Studies have shown that lutein helps prevent age-related macular

degeneration and cataracts. Additionally, broccoli contains vitamin A, which is essential for

vision. Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin, which helps repair damage from too much sun

exposure or the aging process.

So, eat this vegetable and serve your body an immunity boost!

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