Brazil midfielder Arouca slams racist fan abuse

Brazil midfielder Arouca slams racist fan abuse

32Rio de Janeiro, March 8 (IANS)┬áSantos and Brazil midfielder Arouca has described as “unacceptable” and “serious” the racist taunts directed at him during his team’s 5-2 victory over Mogi Mirim in a Sao Paulo state championship match.

The fan’s abuse, which came as Arouca walked off the pitch Thursday night, was captured by television microphones.

The 27-year-old urged Brazilian authorities to take swift and “severe” action against the fan, reported Xinhua.

“It’s lamentable and unacceptable that there is still room for this kind of thing today,” Arouca said. “It killed the happiness I felt over our team’s good performance in which I scored a nice goal, which should be what the sport is all about.”

Arouca has won four international caps for Brazil and was a part of Santos’ 2011 Copa Libertadores triumph.

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